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About Me

I took my first ever yoga class with the mindset that I was there to 'improve my flexibility'. However after many years of practicing yoga, yoga has become so much more to me. It helps me find balance and calm in the midst of a busy London life.


What style of yoga do I teach?

My approach is that I understand that every person is an individual and every body can practice a pose differently. I also want students to understand that the practice of yoga doesn’t have to be limited to a class setting. I hope that each student will be able to take something away from each class.

I teach because I want people to find that mind, body, breath connection. Spend some time in their parasympathetic nervous system. But most of all, to find peace on the mat so that they can live peacefully off the mat.

Based in Tottenham Hale, North London.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.


British Wheel of Yoga 500hr Level 4 Diploma with Hana Saotome in London

Restorative Yoga Level 1 with Anna Ashby in London

Hypermobility on the Yoga Mat with Jess Glenny in London

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